Sunday, October 20, 2013

Harder than I thought...

So when I started this blog, I thought writing about Shawn and Juliet falling in love would be really simple.  But then I got started and it is a lot harder than I had initially anticipated.  Especially when trying to keep up with the Alias blog that I have going and have set finishing that one as a priority.  Also I have found that writing about Shawn and Juliet without knowing a conclusion as I do with Alias is much harder.  I know that Steve Franks won't disappoint us Shules fans in the end, but it is still hard.

The other obstacle that is standing in my way is I'm a little upset with USA network, although they are still my favorite network out there.  But after seeing Maggie move on to Back in the Game which has turned out to be pretty good.  As well as the other cast members going out and seeking new employment.  Seeing one of the main writers, Saladin Patterson start his new job at Two and a Half Men was a little disappointing as well.  But seeing the auction notice of the Psych props and sets was what really upset me.  With all of this other evidence out there, I wish that even though they are still promoting the musical and they still have to air season 8.  I wish some announcement would come out telling us that it is over.  So being in a state of mind where I'm not in a great place with the current Psych situation it's hard for me as a fan to want to write about it.  But I am going to work on it, I promise.

On a side note, if you are a Psych fan, I do recommend New Girl on Fox.  This show is definitely not family friendly like Psych is.   But there are similar elements, basically three immature best friends who are now in their thirties and still live together and they get a new roommate, who is female.  They even do flashbacks to when they were all growing up.  Plus they have my own kryptonite, which is a great love story, actually multiple ones.  So I do recommend Psych fans to check it out.

As I said before though, I will work on getting up the motivation to start this blog back up and going, and finally reaching the good Shules moments.  Hopefully the rest of you fellow Psych-o's aren't as depressed about the lack of information as I have been.  But I am still a loyal Psych-O, I just want to know what is going on and when I will see season 8.